Saturday, May 29, 2010

D Garry's Corolla

*msg rec 2am....... "getting there...."
Hopefully they do

I was hoping to take a few pic's and do a small feature on Donal's
Perfectly prepared 2dr Levin, Before today.
This is one seriously prepared drift hachi ! N/a 4ag 20v with Gas and tones of character, But today at practice for PD rd two he had a bad off, nothing that should stop him tho , as last time I left his lockup Phili and Donal where flat out getting the car back in shape for the qualifying in the morning....

Donal's corolla got a fair hit today(video later) but at no point this evening did anyone think he wouldn't be back out in the morning, serious effort by the lads and Roll on rd2 Pd.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

*Treats for the Trueno shell...

My 4ag 16v has been lying Idle since I scraped my rusty beet up '83 shell. Its about time I dust it off and got it ready for its new home.So I started this week by re polishing the cam covers ,which I sanded and polished when I put the engine together,

I've built up a collection of parts over the last few months , like my bride solid to replace my old east bear seat and I've got about half of my suspension/steering set up ready for the new shell.

All gathering dust in hq

main bits still needed are adjustable bottom arms for the front and a gearbox.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


nice pic I found on the interwebs of a tidy 2dr slider with double spoiler action going on....
click for largeness

Monday, May 24, 2010

fresh paint !

My Trueno is finally painted , so I was down the body shop on Saturday putting the frp doors,
bonnet, boot lid and flared std front wings on.....

No rusty bolts going near this fresh shell

now Ive to gather together bits that I still need, mainly a gearbox for the moment anyway.

thats it for now, click on any of our pic's to make the image larger, enjoy!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

** no vtec yo!!

Kev mentioned some motovation from me, well here it is in the form of a late model Honda NC25, aka Bros 400 "Product Two".

It is a bit of an styling oddity as it has a twin spar aluminium frame normally and clip-on handlebars normally shared with sportsbikes, yet it has a relatively mild mannered 400cc V-twin engine and no fairing. Most interesting is its Elf designed Pro-arm rear suspension, and this was the second production Honda motorcycle to feature this advanced (in its day) single sided swingarm. This late model was produced in Japan for one more year after they were discontinued elsewhere, and features lower clip-ons, a close ratio gearbox, and solid spoke wheel - which are tidier than the "vented" spoke version IMHO... Handling wise this bike is slim and agile, and has enough power to keep a noob like me more than entertained while still being learner legal.

I have grown up with bikes, but due to crazy insurance as a youngfella, and the obvious distraction of cars (2x Mercedes W201, 1x Golf II GTI 8v, and now the Ae86) it is only now that I finally got one of my own. I have always wanted one of these cult machines, and after a while searching the right one came up. It is pretty standard apart from the Laser "for racing use only" stamped end can some braided lines, but its clean and in great condition. AND its not black and ex-courier which is maybe most important!!

Lego block style rear light FTW!

I have no plans for it other than some tidier mini-indicators (black plastic and AMBER please - as usual...) and I am toying with the idea of twin headlights but other than that its keep it clean and improve my riding skills on it. It will also be a handy daily for when the Trueno goes to the bodyshop haha or just to save some juice and repeated cold starts on my trusty 4age..

Meanwhile, stay tuned for a neat Spal electric fan install on the Trueno, I will be having fun with soldering and relays as I try to get the built-in fan controller in my sPa gauge to work ;)

JDM 2 wheeled action**

For something different, here's one of my latest projects!
my Kawasaki ZXR400 H/L model.

I have to admit ,I have this bike for a good few months now but I only recently found motivation to get it up and running , thanks to Rodge,Dave and Eoin !
I bought It not running right, and needing alot of TLC.

I played around with it for a few days, learning how it went and soon realised that I had the terminal problem of oil and water mixing...... BOLOX!!!!!
So how it went from there........out with engine.....strip down ordered.... and nothing for Months as I got caught up with more important Hachi work.
Present day(last Friday evening).....I picked up a Good second hand full long block from a member on and Rob and Me Pulled an all nighter(literally) , fitted it and got it running the next morning.........

After a couple of spins last weekend future plans include :
Sorting out the front disks as one is warped,
Re-cleaning the carbs to sort the bad Idling issue,
Exhaust upgrade,
Valve clearance adjustment and
General tidying of the bike.
I have already changed the air,oil and fuel filter and replaced the plugs

H/L Model ??? Yes this is a strange one, I have a thing for boxy jap machinery , this ZXR is "H" styled as it has the older fairings, But I fitted a newer "L" model engine to the L frame.Although It does still run H model front shocks and brakes at the moment...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

* random snapage**

Nice snap of a notch with redlines and WaTanaBeees

busy busy in the garage,

minor rear caliper overhaul on the ae111 Levin, with new pads fitted tonight,
GOD DAM sticky sliders..... ,
hks head prep going on before rebuild
new Trueno shell painted,
LOADS of work done on my new jdm tyte 2 wheeled machine Pic's soon!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

new release: Powercraft

Powercrafts new cat-back system for ae86--------->>>>

This will sooo match my tornado spec manifold for the 16v!!!!

It was only released last month, Its great to see new products still coming out for the 86,

Its available with the standard finish sus304 tail pipe or for a little extra you can go for the titanium finish. Pipe diameter is 60.5

Its got my vote anyway!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

** Random Snap: as she stands

Just a quick shot of how my daily looks at the moment. I don't know which I am looking forward to more, getting the front bumper and FRP hood installed & painted; or the completing the coilover conversion.

silly question of course its coilovers :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2nd time round

As you know my project Trueno shell went off to be sprayed a while ago.
We stopped in the body shop the other day and where disappointed with way the new color had turned out, which was Toyota 4d1.
Anyway its being done again and I've decided to go for BMW/Mini pepper white.

Ive noticed the color around and Its a nice light shade of cream , hopefully it suits my new 86 ,
here's the color it should turn out, on a new mini JCW....

My favorite color was always white with black bumpers etc but Ive been noticing some nice cream hachis in pic's from Japan and decided to give it a go, some inspiration..............

New juice box site!!!!

this is a must add,
some quality pics and vids going on here

plenty of hachi related pics of course!!!!!!!!!!!!1

juiceboxonline from juice box on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

** Trueno on a diet!

Its been a little while since my last post, but in that time I have not been ignoring the Trueno :)
I mentioned a while back that I was waiting for another part to arrive, well here it is, a very tasty, OEM style non vented FRP bonnet from MCN-Sport.

It is very nicely made, with the double skin underneath so it will still keep the engine bay nice and tidy - I didnt want one of the ultralight flexy single skin type being my road car after all.
This should shave another few KG off my already light Trueno GT 2-door, (the lightest AE86 from factory) and matches the FRP bootlid nicely too.

I will be using some Aerocatch locking bonnet fasteners to keep it down, as they are a more secure and cleaner alternative to bonnet pins. Should be quite stealthy on the black bonnet!

Now that this is here and the OEM bumper is back on, the car is ready for a trip to the body shop for a little freshen up in the coming weeks (once Kev's track Trueno gets out of there and frees up a space!) the bumper is going back to graphite, the bonnet will be sprayed obviously, and there will be a couple of areas touched up on the front wheel arches and elsewhere.

Also, parts are being gathered for the coilover conversion, so expect a nice GH-style coilover autopsy/rebuild post in a few weeks :)


Monday, May 3, 2010

*New addition!

I picked up a cheap donor model Levin ae111, its a bzg spec with blacktop 4ag and 6 speed box, non ss.
Its fate is undecided , It will either become a donor for a hachi or sold if I get a good offer!!?!?!?
it drives well, its totally standard even down to the original alloys, All it needs is a wheel bearing done and rear pads which I plan to do during the week.