Thursday, May 20, 2010

JDM 2 wheeled action**

For something different, here's one of my latest projects!
my Kawasaki ZXR400 H/L model.

I have to admit ,I have this bike for a good few months now but I only recently found motivation to get it up and running , thanks to Rodge,Dave and Eoin !
I bought It not running right, and needing alot of TLC.

I played around with it for a few days, learning how it went and soon realised that I had the terminal problem of oil and water mixing...... BOLOX!!!!!
So how it went from there........out with engine.....strip down ordered.... and nothing for Months as I got caught up with more important Hachi work.
Present day(last Friday evening).....I picked up a Good second hand full long block from a member on and Rob and Me Pulled an all nighter(literally) , fitted it and got it running the next morning.........

After a couple of spins last weekend future plans include :
Sorting out the front disks as one is warped,
Re-cleaning the carbs to sort the bad Idling issue,
Exhaust upgrade,
Valve clearance adjustment and
General tidying of the bike.
I have already changed the air,oil and fuel filter and replaced the plugs

H/L Model ??? Yes this is a strange one, I have a thing for boxy jap machinery , this ZXR is "H" styled as it has the older fairings, But I fitted a newer "L" model engine to the L frame.Although It does still run H model front shocks and brakes at the moment...

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  1. no you definely have an H model frame (squarer and joined below tank), and H1 swingarm