Here are some part numbers of things we have bought from Toyota, might be useful to somebody. More to come in time, and we will put up any other useful technical info or resources we come across :)
Misc. Part numbers:
front brake caliper rebuild kit 04479-14060
rear drum brake cylinder 47550-12060
front hub grease cap 43514-20010

right side wheel arch liner 53875-12061
left side wheel arch liner 53876-12061
clips & fittings for arch liners:
90189-06067 x4, 90189-06005 x4 90159-60008 x18.

kouki 2 door tail light seal 81552-1A261
2 door bootlid seal 64461-12230

4AGE 16v engine overhaul gasket kit, 04111-16023 
4AGE 16v oil pump, 15100-19025
4AGE 16v timing belt, 13568-16010
4AGE 16v timing belt tensioner, 13505-16020
4AGE 16v spigot bearing, 90363-12003

4AGE 20V timing belt, 13568-19185 
4AGE 20V timing belt tensioner, 13540-16010
4AGE 20V timing belt idler, 13505-16030
4AGE 20V shaft (bolt) for idler, 13556-16010
4AGE 20V intake sprocket (vvt cam gear),13050-1602
T50 gasket kit, 04331-14030
T50 2nd gear synchroniser ring, 33368-12030.
clutch slave cylinder 31470-12050
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