Monday, April 18, 2011

SSR Star Formula ,Build up Time!!!

I got my rim's back from the master polisher known only as "tincan"
There Super shiny , they just need to be sealed now and torqued together with the fresh bolts I got,

Random snap: 4age Destruction

0ne piston reduced to dust and a twisted rod to suit!

one of the main reasons I'd always recommend arp hardware in a major build!

Friday, April 15, 2011

* Trip to the breakers....

Did a spot of shopping at my friendly, local, hachi Treasure yard this evening.
I  went to pick up a fuel guage sender but came away with a bit more.
Tidy set of jblood skirts were there waiting on me,
I think Ima put these on Sarah's Levin , in white....

Picked up a couple of  exhausts for the Levin ,I have a few to play around with now , I'll mix and match and come up with something that fits and sounds well on a budget,
the first is a discontinued 5Zigen .....

and the the other minto full cat back system is a jasma aproved ,etching k's system.

I couldn't turn down, this rare flip grill,I want to try it on for size, after a clean up.......
although, I'll need to change that badge to twincam20 !!

I was lucky enough to get two rare discontinued ssr mesh cap's,
 just two moar needed now,

I also picked up some work , 
this poor little 4ag lost a piston while out on track!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfect All Red ??

nice 3dr with some R types WELL Fitted
 rocking a toda tuned 20v

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

random motivational snap!

Unfortunately I have nothing to report since my last blog, I'm still trying to get together some funds to start buying parts for the rebuild.The champion little 4ag is still going, but knowing it needs all this work is always on my mind! The body is starting to show its age too, along with my "winter damage", so a respray is in the planning now too. Meanwhile to keep my motivation going, Kev spotted this very nice shot of my Trueno over on It was a nice reward after spending the evening valeting the car. Delighted!

Monday, April 4, 2011

** Getting ready for Paint!!!

few progress pic's of body prep........

passenger wing and door nearly done

there was 4 spots of rust where the boot seal goes down , 
I posted two pic's of before we cut out the rusty metal and here is them two repaired with new metal and being sanded down..

but there is still two more spots on the other side that we just cut out tonight...

the rest is being sanded down....

while sanding I found a small spot on the back panel and a nasty little bit behind where the ecu would be, but all in not too bad for a 25 y/o shell!!?
so them two bits will be sorted now as well.

wheel rims back next weekend