Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturo Works 20v set up

my corolla run's this
Saturo Works 20v swap kit.

it includes S.W. velocity stacks,
water relocation pipe's and distributor relocation kit,

this blacktop is internally standard and at the moment I'm still running it on the standard ae111 ecu and loom,which is the way it came in from japan,

bolt on mods include Fujitsubo 4-1 ex manifold and
Toda 200mm lightweight flywheel,

long term plans for it would be to run it on a standalone ecu , similar to my 16v 4ag when funds allow.

Links to Saturo Works :



  1. Is there anyway you can order this for someone in the US?

  2. I want to see if I can order this for my 20v swap. Im in the US, any help is appreciated.

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