Monday, January 10, 2011

GarageHachi 2011

Yesterday we had a little mini-meet at the Garage. Two of the cars were already waiting for us, having spent the winter in hibernation there, but it was the first time all 4 of the Garage Hachi fleet were together under one roof! This photo is also nice because it has all 4 AE86 body styles together, with both 2 and 3-door chassis in Levin and Trueno flavours. We had a bit of a recap of the various jobs awaiting each car, and have some nice plans and ideas in store for this year. There will also be the addition of a 5th car to the fleet as a good friend joins the team to resurrect his Levin, so hopefully we will have lots more interesting blogs this year. Stay tuned. :)

PS big thanks to anyone who read/commented/linked to GH last year, its nice to see it being followed all around the world. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Snap, Creamy goodness wagon VS Watanabes

= win ,

worth a look: KSD eng

Another small shop I came across while net mining.

KDS sell KONI  short stroke inserts for ae86 dampers , which is something I haven't come across before and there very reasonably priced too @ 135 euro for one front s/s damper!!
KDS sell a few nice bits like Beatrush and some other cooling goodies.
One Different piece they sell, is this IACV ( idle air control valve) block off plate! I dunno though??! why not just repair or replace the iacv , but anyways pic and vid below!!! ( be sure to turn the sound down
on the vid ;) )