Wednesday, July 27, 2011

random video: ITB's breathing hard

reblogging this beautiful 16v music from because I believe the world needs to hear it! If ever anybody needed convincing about staying n/a....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Trueno resto: update #3

Time for another update, I got to see the car on saturday afternoon and I was delighted with the progress!

  • small hole in roof spot welded
  • all arches repaired, flared, and primed
  • rear 1/4 panel dent fixed
  • front bumper and splitter repaired and primed
  • rear bumper repaired and primed
  • boot lid primed
  • new rear panel primed

    trim panel has since been removed, the hole for the non existant lock is getting filled
    Its looking great as a work in progress thats really taking shape sooner than I thought! I also Confirmed my colour choice too after a good look at the colour card and a million pics on the net so I'm confident I made a nice choice. I will miss the black over graphite alot but I think its time for the car to evolve a little bit, I have a vision in my head I have to create! I also offered the TE37V up to their new home...

    A couple of other small jobs yet to do but the body of the car should mostly be painted by next weekend, the bonnet will be fitted unpainted and lined up afterwards so they can properly fit the new Aero-catches Ive had for ages , then the bonnet will be painted last and hopefully we can start putting it all back together again maybe in a fortnight or so!