Wednesday, April 28, 2010

* FC meets AE *

I collected up the few bits required to convert the Trueno brakes to uprated 4pot calipers. Thanks to a mate in Waterford , I have some larger diameter machined disks and a pair of caliper brackets to make the conversion an easy bolt on job.I also sourced a pair of 2nd hand  Mazda FC RX7 calipers,
now I just need a fc chassis number and I can order a rebuild kit  from Mazda so the old calipers will be as good as new!!


  1. are they the FC disks redrilled to suit? which hubs are you using?

    anyway would it be possible to have my 86 site added to your blog?

  2. well Sam, they are re drilled eg6 Honda disks and they will be used with the standard hubs.

    of coarse , the more the better!!!