Monday, April 26, 2010

Rack Rebuild, on the way*

Ive gathered together the parts needed to rebuild a fresh rack for the new Trueno Drift Project.
As well as the obvious bearings , Ive fitted a new metal rack bush.
I'll be adding the battle version 2 spacers (in picture) later, after I pre-load the bearings and rack guide.
The BV2 kit on a manual rack with the p/s arms should allow for mega lock and massive angle hopefully !!!!

metal rack bush half fitted....

The Daily Levin on the other hand is getting a long overdue vvt pulley and timing belt kit this week. The vvt pulley has been chattering away for some time now, I'm looking forward to having it back running well again.

I'm waiting on a new sst from Toyota so I can set up the bearing pre-load and rack guide in the rack, but just last week I added this new sst to my collection in the tool chest.

It's the Toyota special service tool for setting the pinion bearing pre-load . We'll need this soon enough as Ive to setup Dave's Cusco mz with his cwp and also I will need to set up a cwp for the new Trueno!!

Thats it for now ,

so many little projects on the go ha,
I Havta get going on the hks head build too ......

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