Monday, August 30, 2010

Front end back on.....

....but still needs a couple more tries at lining up the headlamps vs wings vs frp bonnet, melter!!
its jacked as I'm gona whip out the axle and rose-joint the rear end this week...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

^^Wheel refurb complete!

Today was a nice day, the Trueno got some mega love..
First of all the car was up on axle stands so the 4 trusty but tired looking TE37s could be removed. The stickers were very faded and cracked, and not much remained of them after 10 years of road and powerwashing!

So armed with some choice products from the detailing shelf...

... I went to the local carwash and gave them a very thorough cleaning. The AG Custom Wheel Cleaner is safe for use for anodized and other less common metal finishes so I was happy using that on the gorgeous bronze metal..

The power hose also made short work of the remaining decals, so I was left with a spotless grease free surface.

And now for the really satisfying part! My new OEM decals from RAYS all the way in Japan.


The results speak for themselves!! and with some wheel sealant and tyre shine later,

All done! The car is still too shamefully high to put up a picture of them fitted but the car was also given a super clean today to match the wheels, along with a fresh coolant swap and some other small jobs..

And now for many beers :)

Project StanceWorkz

I played around with my rear coilovers today! I got the angle grinder out to the dmax overfenders to take the inner lip off them! results are satisfactory Lowness!!

Hachiroku vs gt300 class

Cool retro jap video of the gt300 class Trueno! Theres not much of an ae86 left in it tho ,as it uses a tunned 3sgte. But still cool to see the lengths a hachi can be pushed to

Friday, August 27, 2010

random pic: 2 door on TE's

I am really looking forward to getting my coilovers in, and changing to a standard rear bumper with no skirts, so I am searching the net for pics of super low 2 door Truenos on TE37s for inspiration in the mean time...
Not very low and the tyres seem quite big but its a nice start!

edit: the more I look at this pic the more I really like this car! its so subtle it takes a while for the details to sink in. TE's are awesome in gloss black, and really suit the colour of the car, which also tasty. And it has less arch gap than my car haha. good work to whoever owns it :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

** E.C.V. flip reverse

I haven't needed to do much to my Trueno lately, she has been a dependable daily driver, and I have been taking it easy on the parts buying trying to save some money, so there has not been much bloggable action!

But today my Apexi Exhaust Control valve jammed, so while it was out it was a good opportunity to reposition it. As I have no welding powerz I had to get the rusty old decat pipe lengthened in an exhaust shop to meet the new 4-1 manifold I put in months ago, but the lads in the shop flung the valve in too while they were at it seeing as the car was already on the ramp. I was never really happy with its place as the lowest object underneath my car, as it often scraped the ground. My 86 is not even low so it definitely had to be moved before the coilovers go in!


Anyway back to the original fault, the two screws holding the butterfly to the spindle of the ECV had worked themselves loose, and only one remained in the pipe,luckily I was driving easily today, so I screwed it back in and loctited it in place.

After that it was a quick job moving the valve, and it is in a much safer position tucked up near the heat shield away from the ground.


 As expected I do need to replace all 3 gaskets now. I made up a ghetto emergency one using layers of tinfoil, which works suprisingly well! Only a tiny leak, but it will last until the weekend and I buy some new ones haha..

the decat pipe of shame but it works!

Everything in and job done, now the only thing hitting the ground should be the zenki lip on the front bumper in a couple more weeks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

**happy 86th post!!**

My newest shell I keep calling a Trueno was still technically a Levin until today ! Even though I have the Trueno bonnet and flared wings fitted, it still had the factory Levin headlamp bracket supports spot welded in place ,

I drilled out the five factory spot welds and offered up the Trueno headlamp bracket,all good, there's even a factory hole behind the Levin bracket to bolt the Trueno headlamp in place  (which I'll do again as I need to spray behind the drilled off brackets) which leads me to believe they are all Trueno's underneath lolz!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Labour of love...

got a few bits done tonight in the garage

played around with the rear coilover's , a few mod's need to be done like grind down the top mount washer(not in picture) so that it fits into the top mount tube
and some trimming around the over-fender so moar low is possible.

I sprayed the bonnet hinges and fitted the fiberglass bonnet with  fresh stainless hex head bolts

Sunday, August 22, 2010

At home Finally...

Well today I got my Trueno to the new garage , Ive really been looking forward to this, and I'm  mega excited about getting lots of work done on it now,

first off I played around with some of my Wats and did some offset testing
thats a 185/60 on a 9j -19 , its need's either a 50 or 55 profile stretched on and yea lots MOAR LOW

I'm gona go hard at it this week, hopefully I'll get the Trueno front end together and on it and fit all the uprated rear suspension to the rear axle

Friday, August 20, 2010

Racing Service Watanabe....

official Ad , how fucking cool is this,

obviously bad quality vid being sooo old and retro, but hey....

So who can guess the car?????????

Monday, August 16, 2010

Garage Hachi in 3D !

After looking at a few garages to properly set up shop I've finally found a nice place for me to call home.
Its a fair size and in good condition! So last Saturday and Sunday we started to clean up the place.

Pics from early Saturday

Plenty of space for us and potential GH customer cars..

Big thanks to Dave for all the sweeping and tidying up and to Sarah for her painting skillz!!!

Thankfully Dave had the use of a reliable Outback wagon for the weekend , so we got moving up some parts.

It's starting to take shape so after some more security upgrades this weekend the garage will be ready for the Trueno.