Thursday, August 26, 2010

** E.C.V. flip reverse

I haven't needed to do much to my Trueno lately, she has been a dependable daily driver, and I have been taking it easy on the parts buying trying to save some money, so there has not been much bloggable action!

But today my Apexi Exhaust Control valve jammed, so while it was out it was a good opportunity to reposition it. As I have no welding powerz I had to get the rusty old decat pipe lengthened in an exhaust shop to meet the new 4-1 manifold I put in months ago, but the lads in the shop flung the valve in too while they were at it seeing as the car was already on the ramp. I was never really happy with its place as the lowest object underneath my car, as it often scraped the ground. My 86 is not even low so it definitely had to be moved before the coilovers go in!


Anyway back to the original fault, the two screws holding the butterfly to the spindle of the ECV had worked themselves loose, and only one remained in the pipe,luckily I was driving easily today, so I screwed it back in and loctited it in place.

After that it was a quick job moving the valve, and it is in a much safer position tucked up near the heat shield away from the ground.


 As expected I do need to replace all 3 gaskets now. I made up a ghetto emergency one using layers of tinfoil, which works suprisingly well! Only a tiny leak, but it will last until the weekend and I buy some new ones haha..

the decat pipe of shame but it works!

Everything in and job done, now the only thing hitting the ground should be the zenki lip on the front bumper in a couple more weeks!

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