Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trueno resto: update #2

Just received some pics of the progress and I'm very happy with it so far. All 4 arches are now flared out, the snow damaged rear quarter and back bumper is repaired already and look great. Cant wait to try the TEVs on under these new arches :)

The little 6.5Js struggle to fill the newly created void but it shows how much the new nines will fatten up the rear.

Even the splitter is getting repaired.... again!

random pic of the day..

A happy Trueno doing its thing!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

random video: 4age sound off

On paper I think the GZE makes a nice street engine, and sounds great with its distinctive supercharger whine, but in my head the 20V sounds soooo good, and is a pure n/a engine! Either way it makes for a great soundtrack..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trueno resto: **fresh wheels arrive...

 A soul is put to a Japanese product...

I always really loved the colour and design of bronze TE37s, before I got into AE86s or even Japanese cars.  When I bought my Trueno and it came with them fitted it was a real treat. As time went by, I found myself wishing they were just that bit wider, and perhaps with a bit of dish/more offset. The 6.5J et0's while ridiculously light and strong, always seemed a little tame compared to some of the other tasty wheels out there. Then one day Rays made the TE37V. In 15". Close but not close enough..

But, eventually my dreams were answered ,and Rays announced a fat range of 14" TE37V in 4x114.3!!! After much thought I got a great offer from RHDJapan that I just couldn't resist, and with the car going to the bodyshop it seemed like the perfect, if only time to do it.
  So just this morning they arrived, 14x8.5 -5 (m-rim) for the front, and 14x9 -15 (l-rim) for the rear...
 Along with the "shower caps" they also came with another set of fresh valves, and the matching retro style "RAYS" and "TE37V" decals.


All stickered up, ready for some fresh rubber, we will try 185/55 and 195/55 to begin with...

Obligatory "what fits in the whale" shot :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trueno resto: update #1

Over a  week since I saw my Trueno last, but here is what greeted me on Saturday when I made the long trip to the bodyshop! 

 One of Kevs magical 14x9 -19 offset Watanabes, sitting as a test wheel  under the rear of my 2 door. This will be the template for flaring out the rear arches to cover my *new wheels* which are the same size but slightly less extreme -15 offset. It should be perfect as I will hopefully be able to drive hard without any rubbing but still contain a 195/55 or 185/60 with zero arch gap.

For the front arches, I borrowed one the 14x8.5 -13ish Watanabes. This one was temporarily fitted with a 195/60 for the same purpose, and also as it was a handy brand new (if 13year old) tire we had lying around! I will probably stay with a 185/55 on the front so again the bigger test wheels hopefully mean just a little more arch clearance and no rubbing!

Also that new rear lower panel had arrived from Toyota and was already fitted. They repaired the lower lip part of the upper panel too which had gone rusty.

Looking good! More updates next week...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trueno resto: it begins

Wednesday afternoon, call received, a few hours later I was at the bodyshop where the Trueno spent the weekend. 3 hours after our arrival,  my 2 door Sprinter was stripped down and ready for paint prep!


 Luckily my rear quarter dent didnt extend to the pocket area, and only a little bit of rust was found under the boot lid seal near the lid striker.

Removing the skirts and arches thankfully revealed no suprises, all sills and panels in pretty good shape for 24 years old! Just one or two small seams starting to go so its a great time to stop the rust before it takes hold.

Doors were stripped of interior trim, glass, regulators, locks and handles.. and added to the pile of body parts..

It was really weird driving the car with no bodywork! with no doors or hood you can really feel how small and narrow these cars are..

All clean around the lights, fuel door, and right side pocket!

Here was one thing I was expecting.. The rear lower panel was quite flakey, and even worse underneath..

So a new one was ordered from Toyota, and will arrive on monday or tuesday. Amazing to still be able get new panels for old hachis :) The rest of the back panel area was in great condition so this repair will keep the car in good health for many years.

The last view I have of her, next time I take a picture there will be some nice changes, which will all be revealed in good time :) 

Big thanks to Kev and Anonymouse for the mega help!

bonus photos: body shop day

Just some more pics of the two cars at the bodyshop last weekend..

Trueno welcoming the Levin back into the world!

 The first time the Levin had seen road and sunshine in a few weeks...

 ...and the last time my Trueno will see either for a while too...

 stay tuned for deconstruction photos next!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Levin resto Update***

I'm very happy to say my Lev is finished in the body shop,and is looking all fresh now!
Looks wise, its ready for the Summer , except a change of exhaust back box maybe...
I still have a few bits like swap over the steering and tidy up the interior but they can wait till I get back from Holidays.
So here's a few pic's till I'm back in a couple of weeks....

^^^^ ClickY for bigger and better !!!$$$***

another Trueno arrives at the bodyshop..

We had a productive weekend at GH, a lot of time was spent at the special autobody division, where 23+ year old Toyotas can drive out the door as if they were rolling out of the factory on day 1.. (only on much better wheels of course lol). Kevs now immaculate Levin is nearly nearly there, he will be blogging lots of stunning pics and details very soon, we are all still a bit speechless at how good it turned out. At the end of the day it was decided that it was time for the Trueno to share the same fate as 3 of the other Garage Hachi fleet so far, a full respray and bodywork restoration. It is my first time getting a car painted and to say excited would be an understatement. It will be great to get rid of these early signs of rust as well as my few little damages here and there. There are a couple of nice suprises in store for this car, and I am really looking forward to blogging the progress. Summer Refresh campaign is a go!!