Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trueno resto: it begins

Wednesday afternoon, call received, a few hours later I was at the bodyshop where the Trueno spent the weekend. 3 hours after our arrival,  my 2 door Sprinter was stripped down and ready for paint prep!


 Luckily my rear quarter dent didnt extend to the pocket area, and only a little bit of rust was found under the boot lid seal near the lid striker.

Removing the skirts and arches thankfully revealed no suprises, all sills and panels in pretty good shape for 24 years old! Just one or two small seams starting to go so its a great time to stop the rust before it takes hold.

Doors were stripped of interior trim, glass, regulators, locks and handles.. and added to the pile of body parts..

It was really weird driving the car with no bodywork! with no doors or hood you can really feel how small and narrow these cars are..

All clean around the lights, fuel door, and right side pocket!

Here was one thing I was expecting.. The rear lower panel was quite flakey, and even worse underneath..

So a new one was ordered from Toyota, and will arrive on monday or tuesday. Amazing to still be able get new panels for old hachis :) The rest of the back panel area was in great condition so this repair will keep the car in good health for many years.

The last view I have of her, next time I take a picture there will be some nice changes, which will all be revealed in good time :) 

Big thanks to Kev and Anonymouse for the mega help!

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