Saturday, August 28, 2010

^^Wheel refurb complete!

Today was a nice day, the Trueno got some mega love..
First of all the car was up on axle stands so the 4 trusty but tired looking TE37s could be removed. The stickers were very faded and cracked, and not much remained of them after 10 years of road and powerwashing!

So armed with some choice products from the detailing shelf...

... I went to the local carwash and gave them a very thorough cleaning. The AG Custom Wheel Cleaner is safe for use for anodized and other less common metal finishes so I was happy using that on the gorgeous bronze metal..

The power hose also made short work of the remaining decals, so I was left with a spotless grease free surface.

And now for the really satisfying part! My new OEM decals from RAYS all the way in Japan.


The results speak for themselves!! and with some wheel sealant and tyre shine later,

All done! The car is still too shamefully high to put up a picture of them fitted but the car was also given a super clean today to match the wheels, along with a fresh coolant swap and some other small jobs..

And now for many beers :)


  1. nice rotas man i like the way the stickers make them look legit!!! good work!!! only messin man nice job

  2. Nice! One day I will own a set. 14x7?

  3. thanks! they are only little 14x6.5, but they are so ridiculously lightweight I can live without that extra .5J! At least they are still ET0 and I use 20mm spacer on the back.