Monday, May 3, 2010

*New addition!

I picked up a cheap donor model Levin ae111, its a bzg spec with blacktop 4ag and 6 speed box, non ss.
Its fate is undecided , It will either become a donor for a hachi or sold if I get a good offer!!?!?!?
it drives well, its totally standard even down to the original alloys, All it needs is a wheel bearing done and rear pads which I plan to do during the week.


  1. Cool!

    I wish we had this cars in the states. I'm currently looking for a daily and wouldn't be considering a Civic or other Honda product if I could pick up a Levin.

  2. thanks dude , there's plenty of ae's over here from 82's all the way to 111's, Loads of Honda's as well lol

    this car is now for sale @ 2,900 euro, thanks