Saturday, May 8, 2010

** Trueno on a diet!

Its been a little while since my last post, but in that time I have not been ignoring the Trueno :)
I mentioned a while back that I was waiting for another part to arrive, well here it is, a very tasty, OEM style non vented FRP bonnet from MCN-Sport.

It is very nicely made, with the double skin underneath so it will still keep the engine bay nice and tidy - I didnt want one of the ultralight flexy single skin type being my road car after all.
This should shave another few KG off my already light Trueno GT 2-door, (the lightest AE86 from factory) and matches the FRP bootlid nicely too.

I will be using some Aerocatch locking bonnet fasteners to keep it down, as they are a more secure and cleaner alternative to bonnet pins. Should be quite stealthy on the black bonnet!

Now that this is here and the OEM bumper is back on, the car is ready for a trip to the body shop for a little freshen up in the coming weeks (once Kev's track Trueno gets out of there and frees up a space!) the bumper is going back to graphite, the bonnet will be sprayed obviously, and there will be a couple of areas touched up on the front wheel arches and elsewhere.

Also, parts are being gathered for the coilover conversion, so expect a nice GH-style coilover autopsy/rebuild post in a few weeks :)


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