Sunday, February 7, 2010

my 4age 16v

Well, this is my baby, built at the start of '08 and dyno'd at 180 hp, its still a work in progress, I'm greedy to see how much more power is left to pull out of of it....

some spec:

Bottom end: 4age 16v (red top) as a base engine.
toda .25 overbore high comp pistons
lightened and balanced crank and rods,
arp up-rated big end ,main and flywheel bolts
acl race bearings,
orc lightened flywheel (+clutch)
hks oil pump shim kit

Head: small port head with stage 4, full race, port and swirl work, uprated valve guides etc
Ferrera ( Atlantic spec) oversized inlet and exhaust valves,
Toda 288 (8.5) and 272 (7.9) cams with
Toda valve springs, cam gears and .8 high comp head gasket..
ae101 throttle bodies
techno-toy-tuning intake manifold and velocity stacks.

its running on an omex 600 standalone ecu which I wired up to it, more spec will be added to this engine soon as well as further mapping so expect more updates on its progress soon!!!!!!!!!


  1. What fuel rail and injectors are you running? I'm trying to piece together a similar build for my Trueno. Thanks for the great site ^+^

  2. hi, its running on standard small port 4age rail and injectors ,

    I had no problem with them running this power.
    the injectors are the green 12 ohm ones found in the ae92 small port.