Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a few pics at Japfest 2011

Last weekend we went to Japfest at Mondello Park, what a great day. Drifting, Time Attack, Drag Racing, club track time, and a whole load of parked up J-tin :) Firstly are a few awesome pics I found of my Trueno. Credit for these great shots goes to an unknown photographer friend of one of the members ae86irl.com! Thanks man :) I really must take the camera off "auto" some day..

I really meant to go taking more pics, but between the cold and the rain  in the morning, and the huge amount of really nice cars to examine, I just grabbed a few of some tasty fellow graphites parked beside us.The standard of the all the AE86s on display was really really good, all body styles and types of tuning, so next time I promise to take some good coverage and not show favouritism towards fellow stealth hachii!

Also a long over due team group shot..

 Big thanks to the "sticker guy" too, who provided some sweet Garage Hachi decals at  very short notice, some nice ones for inside the windows are in production too, but for now one found a home living inside one of Kevs mesh!


  1. No bother dude! Stumbled across your blog there by chance and got a nice surprise when I saw my pics at the top :D I think I've a few more, must send them on to ya :)

  2. what a coicidence. I drolled over it on speedhunters, can i know which colorode you have on your car, would really like to paint mine in this color.

    Thanks Stan

  3. Thanks for the compliment but the colour code is secret!! :)

  4. No problem at all, i want some color of the shelf anyway. So return back to the hard work of deciding which shade of grey will be the best. :)
    Hope it will be atleast half as good as yours


  5. I know the feeling! It took me ages to decide. Check out the BMW colours they have some very nice greys/dark silvers, I was looking at them for a while. Also Honda have some good Grey too, on S2000 or NSX etc. Hope that helps :D

  6. I just found this blog and I, too have a trueno coupe. I'm absolutely in love with your hachiroku. I love goin through your restoration posts and looking at what you went through to make a beautiful show car.

  7. thanks alot man, got a link to any pics? :)