Thursday, May 20, 2010

** no vtec yo!!

Kev mentioned some motovation from me, well here it is in the form of a late model Honda NC25, aka Bros 400 "Product Two".

It is a bit of an styling oddity as it has a twin spar aluminium frame normally and clip-on handlebars normally shared with sportsbikes, yet it has a relatively mild mannered 400cc V-twin engine and no fairing. Most interesting is its Elf designed Pro-arm rear suspension, and this was the second production Honda motorcycle to feature this advanced (in its day) single sided swingarm. This late model was produced in Japan for one more year after they were discontinued elsewhere, and features lower clip-ons, a close ratio gearbox, and solid spoke wheel - which are tidier than the "vented" spoke version IMHO... Handling wise this bike is slim and agile, and has enough power to keep a noob like me more than entertained while still being learner legal.

I have grown up with bikes, but due to crazy insurance as a youngfella, and the obvious distraction of cars (2x Mercedes W201, 1x Golf II GTI 8v, and now the Ae86) it is only now that I finally got one of my own. I have always wanted one of these cult machines, and after a while searching the right one came up. It is pretty standard apart from the Laser "for racing use only" stamped end can some braided lines, but its clean and in great condition. AND its not black and ex-courier which is maybe most important!!

Lego block style rear light FTW!

I have no plans for it other than some tidier mini-indicators (black plastic and AMBER please - as usual...) and I am toying with the idea of twin headlights but other than that its keep it clean and improve my riding skills on it. It will also be a handy daily for when the Trueno goes to the bodyshop haha or just to save some juice and repeated cold starts on my trusty 4age..

Meanwhile, stay tuned for a neat Spal electric fan install on the Trueno, I will be having fun with soldering and relays as I try to get the built-in fan controller in my sPa gauge to work ;)

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