Friday, March 5, 2010


The three of us (plus other mates) are off to Austria tomorrow skiing again , so there'll be no post's for a week or so! We're only back but enjoyed our time in Mayrhofen soooooo much that we need another powder fix lol, When we get back, work on the 4 GH car's will step up a gear, we have loads of plans and lots of work to get done !!!!! laterz..............

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  1. Though a couple of Groelsch had been emptied I still remembered that there was your webadress in my mobile and took a look around on your blog. I like it. To be honest I have no clue what you are doing to/with your cars, but it seems to be to their benefit. One thing's for sure: you're obviously passionate drifters, tuners, "Schrauber". Even I as an non-motorized, ignorant bus-/subtaker, bicyclist/pedestrian got that point. Good luck and lotz of fun with your plans and work to be done!!!

    Greetings from Germany