Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Shining..

I'm still not quite recovered from holidays part 2.0, but nevertheless the Trueno needed some attention after being parked up for a week. It was quite filthy so a relaxing St. Patricks day was spent washing and detailing the car. I went a bit mad with the Meguiar's Endurance Tyre gel, but its just such a good product and really makes a differance between just washing your car and having a clean car.. (And no I didn't use half a bottle on one tyre..)

The new KICS R40 lug nuts are in and looking spanky, and the new black aluminium valves have arrived from RAYS, so at the next interview with the tyre machine they will go in, and I'll be one step closer to finishing my little DIY wheel refurb. Here is one of the old blue ones we took out, they have had a tough life.

New decals are next on my list, once I can find some black & white ones in the correct size. RHD contacted RAYS for me, and they unfortunately won't supply and fresh decals, probably some thing to do with crappy fake wheels.. Luckily some enterprising Japanese wheel sticker enthusiasts are selling them on the yahoo auctions :)

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