Wednesday, March 3, 2010

** fresh JDM trinkets!

The nice folk over at RHDJapan were kind enough to send me some new parts this week...
...after I sent them some money but hey we can all wish we got free stuff!

I am doing a mini refurb on the TE37's at the moment, new steel valves are coming from RAYS, and I am also trying to source some fresh decals for them, but the first parts I received were set of Composite R40 wheel nuts & locks by KICS Racing. These replaced the worn out and ugly cheap locknuts that were previously adorning my TE's. I didn't want any aluminium nuts as they have a bad reputation for failing and wheels coming off at tracks etc, and also how they are not really suitable for being frequently removed, so I got these tough chromoly alloy steel ones in a classic dark bronze finish. That said, with their hollow design they are still a neat 40g each. They also have a floating alloy collar to stop the nuts scraping and scouring the wheels when you tighten them which is a nice feature. They are of very high quality and suit the professional look of the TE's perfectly, and come with the correct removal tools so you dont run the risk of scratching your rims with a wheel brace or impact socket! Wheel accessories FTW...

The second gift from Japan is much more interesting!

PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow 2500k bulbs. These are simply awesome. I always used Osram Nightbreakers in my cars as they are great all round bulbs (not showy blue but pure effective white) - but not anymore. After a small request RHD stocked these in H4 for me, and the difference in night time and poor weather visibility is quite noticeable, (for some reason my area is often very foggy in winter) not to mention the cool retro looks of yellow light! At GarageHachi we are taking a little stand against baller blue HID's, Kevs street Levin also has these fitted. It is hard to photograph a pic head on to show you quite how yellow 2500k is but here is a shot of the PIAA on the right and the Osram on the left:

High beams at dusk..

They have a funny effect on road signs and traffic cones but I did some testing on the dark roads and I think its easier on the eyes to see with them. Bring on the fog now, BlinkFace is not afraid...


  1. how much did you pay fr these if you dont mind me asking, after a real yellow set for my rolla

  2. they were €44 before shipping, but they were part of an order of a few different parts so I couldnt tell you exactly how much postage would be.. but they are yellower than a yellow thing :)