Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"such as when the injured aging..."

With the awesome discovery of this link, rayswheels.co.jp/omnomnomnom, my long term wheel refurb will now be complete! The wheel nuts and valves are in, they are wrapped in Yokohamas almost finest (family car lol) rubber, and the lightweight TE37's will soon be off for a serious full cleaning, sealing, and the careful application of new GENUINE decals...

Only one wheel has the lightest kerb rash and was on it from the cars previous life, so I can live with that for an otherwise perfect set of 11 year old set of wheels! A set of the blue on white decals are also coming for
Kev's white, Gravel TE37s which have an eventual date with a sandblaster & powdercoater..

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