Monday, September 27, 2010

win on the auctions!

Its been a quiet one this month, mostly a bit of money saving for parts for all 4 of the Garage Hachi fleet, but last week I was very lucky to be forwarded a link to my precious 2-door Redlines on the Yahoo Auctions. With just 20hrs left and amazingly no bids at 8000Y, (they were listed in exterior aero rather than rear lights) I placed my bid via JAA. Checked it the following morning and I had won! They do not come with the centre "garnish" but I already have one with the two small white lines. I think that is the only small difference so I will just spray the number plate surround a fresh satin black for the time being. Can't wait for them to arrive now and give them the Plast-RX treatment before fitting.

I have seen two versions of 2D Redlines on the auctions, some have just one stop/tail bulb per side, and others like these have two, so it looks like my light loom will just plug straight in and I still get the nice dual stop tail / parking light set up.

Also yesterday we attended the Prodrift 2010 Finals and there was some AE86 only parking arranged which was pretty cool. It was freezing cold and I only thought to take a picture towards the end, by this time a few other 86's and an 20v swapped E7 Corolla had already left, but it was still nice to park up with some other nice Hachii. If I find some more pics of the line up on the net I will post them up.


  1. How do you find the JAA service? The fees are lower than the agent I use (15%).

  2. First time using them but the service is really good, emails are replied to very fast everything is very clear and easy to use on their website. Worth the fees IMO as Id never get the parts otherwise! Ill use them again no problem.

  3. instead of JAA, try jesse streeter...heaps better service and will ship world wide...ive literally spent over 20k AUD with him without problems...always satisfied