Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I love lamp 2.0 **

4 days from Japan to my door. The postage cost more than the lights but it was worth it. By the time I got the shipping confirmation email after the weekend, my Redlines were already in the country, sweet! Thank you JAA and EMS! They are in very good condition for a 23+ year old car part, just a few scratches here and there. Even came with working bulbs. I dont know is it Redlines in general (probably) or just this set but they have an odd panel for mounting the bulbs, it looks like it has space for two stop/tails like my old lights, but when you open it up it just holds one.

Weird but either way everything still works and the connectors on the wiring were the same. The single bulb look is much cleaner anyway I think. Before I installed them I gave them a good clean, and polish with Autoglym super resin polish (as I have no money left for Megiuars Plast-RX!) to buff out the light scratches, and they came out quite well for the time being.

Unpolished and polished

good as new
The number plate surround also had to come out for the ultimate in whiteline delete. A quick light sanding and a clean....

 ...and a few coast of satin black rattle later it was looking good as new. For any 2 door owner out there I highly recommend satin black for the surround and that plastic trim piece along the boot lid, it really freshens up the back end.

Anyway I got the lights in, but my camera sucks and its too dark to take a pic of them fitted, so the car will have to wait for a random snap after wash to show off her new back end, but they look awesome and suit the Trueno body a lot better than the whiteline lights. Yahoo auctions conquered! ;)

whiteline vs redline

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