Monday, July 26, 2010

new oil pressure sender

oem sender / adaptor / new digital sender

I have my sPa Design DG200 series gauges a few years now, and the oil pressure sender didnt survive the trip from old car to tool box to new car very well, so a new one was ordered up from sPa. The sender thread is 1/8NPT (national pipe thread), but the hole in the block and the OEM Toyota pressure sender are as far as I can determine, 1/8BSPT, (british standard pipe, taper) which is a funnily enough a TAPERED thread. The two threads are not compatible for many reasons, and tapered threads are especially important where a few bar of my oil pressure are concerned, so a neat little 1/8" NPT Female to 1/8" BSPT male adaptor was sourced from the helpful folk at ThinkAutomotive, the company behind the MOCAL range of oil coolers and fittings. The adaptor was less than €10 posted, and is of a much higher quality design than some of the LMA fittings that Demon-Tweeks sell. Remember this??  
The adaptor arrived today so I'm delighted that everything screwed in perfectly by hand, so tomorrow I will reinstall it and run the cable, and at last will see something other than an error message on the #2 gauge.

dirty little 4age
  Anyway, sPa also sent me a new block connector, so once the sender and adaptor are in nice and tight into the block, I will wire it in such a a way that the elbow connector is pointing neatly towards the wiring loom and not something awkward like a toasty exhaust header..

not fun through grommets

Place your bets now on what max oil pressure I will see :)


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