Friday, June 18, 2010

* interior updates..

I still can't drive for another few weeks, but today I got around to installing my Schroth Racing Profi-III harness. This is a very high quality German made harness that has nice big 3" shoulder & lap belts, regressive release rotary buckle, and snap mounts for easy install/removal. It also came with a 5Th point belt but I won't be using this for now.

Installation was easy using eye bolts that went through the factory seat belt mounts, so not only am I sure these are strong mounting places, I still have full use of the standard seat belt day to day..... well as the 3 belts behind me. My Hachi is known to carry 4/5 people regularly! All I have to do is pop out the rear bench and disconnect the harnesses, and the Trueno people carrier is ready to serve again lol.

The seat that this nice piece of kit will be securing me to is an early Sabelt Titan, a light weight fixed fibreglass seat, mounted on an AE86 specific Bride sliding side mount rail. This seat was one of the first things I installed shortly after I got the car, and I also used it in my old car, so for me it really is comfortable. The high sides really provide nice support in the corners, no more knee in the centre console! The only slight annoyance with the high sides is that entry/exit is a bit more awkward, but the extra support compared to a standard GT-grade seat is well worth it.

To make it a bit easier to hop in and out I also installed a Works Bell Rapfix II quick release boss for my flat Nardi 350mm Torino wheel (not pictured). Another main reason for the QR boss was the extra security lock for a even more security. This boss also moved the steering wheel 100mm closer to me which is more like the cars original offset steering wheel, so the driving position was instantly much much better.

Other items that enhance my otherwise basic GT-grade cabin are:

-Moonface Titan aluminium shifter
-C's Short Shifter with T3 shifter bushing kit
-T3 handbrake button
-Alpine cd headunit with mp3 input
-El Cheapo rubber front and Mercedes rear mats :)

There are still a few more items on my list, like a Nardi 350x80, but my office space is nearly finished, and its a nice place to be..

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