Friday, June 18, 2010

Ready to go.........

Hope'n to get some work done on the track car this weekend.

I got a standard t50 from jdm jap parts and Ive been working on tidying up my 16v all week.

I've the plug leads hidden away and a new plug lead cover fitted with shiny hex head bolts, I'm hoping to keep the neath and tidy look going threw out the engine bay and keep wire's etc to a minimum.

All shined up with lots of new bolts and washers and ready for some TRD engine mounting fun this weekend!!!


  1. Those are the absolute coolest headers in the world man. You're so lucky.

  2. Would you be able to run the holeless plug cover from Kelford to hide the leads completely?

  3. wow, spot on Bryan, I didn't know about them, that will go with the rest of the polished metal nicely, Sound!