Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Hachi!

Over the last year alot of work had gone into my car it got a full respray and freshly built lightened and balanced engine. The car was stripped down to a bare shell and sprayed in march '09. When I got it back the engine was dropped in, but not before it got my touch!

I ordered a Marteluis exhaust manifold from MCN Sport, it was a neat and tidy fit and looks the part in the freshly sprayed engine bay. A tincy bit loud though!

Next on the list was a poly bush kit from Techno Toy Tuning, which went in over a weekend along with front wheel bearings and inner and outer track rods. I also fitted a T3 short shifter and rose-jointed Panhard rod.

The 15" SSR reverse meshes that i got my hands on were sold as they did not suit the car, I visited a notorious wheel hoare and got myself a lend of a set of clean te37s.
"Lend". . . . . !!

This is the car as it is now, I've a few more little jobs to get done before the summer! But it's come a long way!

Sarah x

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