Monday, August 22, 2011

Trueno resto: 11 weeks later..

..and we have the birth of a new Trueno! We spent last saturday fitting the last of the parts back on the car, cleaned and refitted the interior, and of course mounted the new TE37V for the first time under the new colour. They sit so perfectly under the car, slight mixup with tire sizes 195/60/14 rubs everything so my old Yoko 185/55 are on the front, and I must order some more for the back and centre the axle while I'm at it.
I'm absolutely in love with the new colour, it came out very well, unfortunately the camera (or Irish weather!) don't do it justice but Ill do my best here... But the bodywork is done now, its brilliant having a real car back, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the next few jobs on the running gear. Had to give the rear boot lid trim a little coat of satin black so not many pics of the rear end but when I catch a sunny evening I will take some more shots. Ill let the pics say the rest for now!


  1. Badass man! I too want my spray my car a similar color, camouflage metallic.

  2. Awesome result Dave!

  3. Cheers dudes ;) Stealth hachi ftw