Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back end Build

So I dropped the rear axle and got to work on it! Was gona go with a larger liteace axle but Ive decided to stick with the ae86 axle now. I striped it down totaly bare ,sanded it and got it ready for some satin black, rattle can style!

I built it back up using t3 fully rosejointed adjustable 5 link , trd roll bar and mcn/avo short stroke coilovers


now just waiting for funds to allow for new shafts and final drive setup, should have it fitted to the car this weekend , while I wait for other parts

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  1. only one to comment on this one but think its the best lookin post serious difference from the first jelly bean to the last washin basket!!! no really love the axle i need a name on this blog!!! yes its me annnouuunooomoouuussse