Monday, March 29, 2010

* new face!

At last, the battered Run Free front bumper has been retired.
In its place sits my temporarily finished OEM kouki front bumper, with zenki trueno splitter, all in rattle can satin black finish. I am pretty happy with the new look, the car is gaining some more personality with its different coloured panels lol. Thanks to Kev I also now have a neat Trueno emblem in the front bumper which I put on since the pic was taken. When I have some money saved for the bodyshop the car will go off for some freshening up and the bumper will go graphite again, and actually be prepped before paint this time! I am undecided on painting the splitter though.. I also have some stuff coming for a very small mod that will continue my orange theme, other than that we are just waiting on the part I swapped the Run Free bumper for, but that's a surprise that will be revealed when I get my hands on it :) That's pretty much it in the bodywork department for a while, but stay tuned this week for some engine developments!
Hope you like the new look, I think its an improvement anyway.


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