Monday, March 29, 2010

HKS Head build : pt*1

This is something we've had in the pipe line for a while now , so I decided to get a start on it this week.
The plan is to build up a mildly tuned head with HKS internals for Dave's daily Trueno !

I have a couple of heads in the garage so I pulled out a stripped, large port head and got to cleaning it.
First off its getting mild head work , which involves cleaning up the carbon filled ports and machining the sand casting marks from them. After I have it all cleaned up it will go for a skim.

I have a few sets of uprated cams in the garage, but for this head we chose 256 degree with 8.35mm of lift. It's going to be running in an everyday car with a stock bottom end, so there was no point in fitting my lairy Toda 304's lol.
To go along with these cams we have a set of new HKS valve springs and a pair of HKS adjustable cam gears to dial it all together at the end.

This head will complement Dave's new intake set up and will be tuned in with his new fully programmable ecu , but more on those later............

That's really all for now, more updates when I finish the port work..

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