Tuesday, May 10, 2011

** NEW Member ** Neil's Levin - Track day project !!

Neil has his Levin over 4 years now , we met about that time on a random night out Drifting in some local spots. He's been through thick and thin with it and now after nearly two years of hibernation ,his Levin is coming back to life!!!

A snap of his Corolla back as his clean daily car.

His Levin is back out now and he has just about as many plans for it , as the rest of us on here do,

the bodywork is a little rough and ready but who cares , if it's future is going to be spent out on track!! A quick list of his spec, from The Boy himself...

"Have her about 4.5 years now I think but haven't driven it in over 2 !!!!!  Future plans include full seam welding, welded in cage, frp rear hatch/doors/wings, full respray, lexan windows and maybe headwork in the long term....

Here's the spec as it stands now;

82mm Wiseco pistons
ACL Bearings
ARP bolts and head studs
Keihin/SSworks FCR carbs
TRD 0.8mm Head gasket
Toda 304 8.5mm I & E cams
Apexi Swirl 4-1 exhaust mani, decat and stainless steel cat-back
Estimated power- Eleventy thousand leptons

OS Giken clutch & flywheel
TRD diff? (according to the spec sheet from the motherland)
T3 shifter bushing kit

Front TRD blue shocks and coilovers
Rear Tokico red shocks and springs
Cusco adjustable top mounts
TRD front anti-roll bar
F & R Cusco strut braces
Cusco safety 21 6 point roll cage
T3 rose jointed tension rods
T3 poly bushings

Black diamond grooved discs
Mintex Extreme brake pads

Sparco wheel
Sparco Evo seat and Bride copy passenger seat
Lots of bare metal and sharp edges to cut your fingies off

white over orange over pink over red over black paint
lots of stone chips and dorifto scuffs
TRD spoiler
standard bumpers with Halfords €5 discount basket canards (bargain!)
13" Hayashi Streets wrapped in Yokohama rubber

kin ave ittttttttttt

Regards, The Bai"

Bloggers might remember this pic below of Neil's engine,  80% done before he went hibernating,
It is now fitted and is soon to be finished off.....

Just last weekend I was over putting some finishing touches to it with him,
A Quick recheck to the head to make sure all valve clearances are in spec..

He has a couple of bits to order up and We'll have his little carb'd 4age singing again!

A new oil pump, water pump and a 3.05 shim and I reckon she's ready to be Torqued and Timed !!

I have to admit , including my 2 sets of itbs , Dave's epic intake and exhaust , and Sarah's blueprinted blue-top, Neil's 4ag does sound the best when the carbs are chartering !!

Anyway, from now on he'll keep you updated, 
So welcome to our 4th member and 5th GH car, I think a new batch of stickers and mugs is in order.


  1. Halfords what??

  2. did u have to re-rack the carbs? would you happen to know the spacing thats being used?

  3. Epic , Fcr carbs are some job ... hope it all goes well ... wont be long before the owner is suffering from petrol poisoning like me :)