Friday, November 19, 2010

Another day...

Being on a 3 day week has its advantages, although I dont have as much money to spend on quality parts, I do have time to get lots of work done on my own car's.
Today I got the full fuel system fitted and hooked up.Which includes this custom foam filled alloy 20L tank , a good few meters of braided fuel pipe and an inline Sytec fuel pump.These feed up threw a new toyota fuel filter , through a custom braided fuel rail pipe and up to the 16v rail and returns threw the original fpr. its all bolted in place and just needs a small custom firewall around the tank eventually....

As well as getting the fuel system completed , I got a start on the omex600 wiring and also cut and modified an origanl dash top to fit around the cage.The dash top is now ready for flocking.When it gets back to me I cant wait to see My custom Stack/Pivot gauge cluster dropped into it..Thats all for today, hopefully more shit gets done over the weekend.....Beer time x8 !!!!  


  1. Ah Kev paint up those tension rod brackets :)

  2. haha thats the first thing I noticed when I seen the pic too lol,

    don't worry they'll be off for paint when I have the rest of my front suspension collected up!!!

  3. hello im jay ..i just want to asking about my engine..i using 4 throttle silvertop n my engine is 4age im confuse about injector..where actually i put the injector?because 4age 16v head got hole right(injector hole)?,and on 4 throttle also got hole for which one actualy i put the injector?on 16v head or on 4throttle..?if on 16v head,what about hole injector on 4throttle?jus cover the 4throttle hole injector...any advice pls ..i just new on this... :(

    my email:
    No. handphone : +673 632623

  4. Hi,
    I am not 100% because I have not done it, but from what I have read you use injectors in the head as normal. I think you also can remove 5th "cold start" injector from fuel rail as 16v + itb + standard ECU will run rich. Are you keeping standard ECU?
    best of luck :)