Saturday, October 9, 2010

all the small things....

I've just been tip'n away at the Trueno build.Getting a few of the small bits done.

Cylinders in and servo painted. Maybe sometime in the future I might be able to afford a proper pedalbox set up which will allow for mega stacks ,to improve lower down power .

Ive also been messing around with different oil cooler setups. There's no need to run a filter relocation kit because of the crazy design of the ex mani and the space it give around the filter,so I can go back to using my thermostat controlled mocal kit. I just have to get a new oil seal for it and find a better place to mount it than before 

I striped out the front suspension and stripped down the old coil-overs to find some messy looking ss trd green dampers. So fresh short strokes are now added to my shopping list.

The fiberglass doors are now lined up and fitted as good as possible. I added in the latches, handles and rods etc so there in order now .I started chopping up a dash to fit around the mcn cage so I'll get that finished and get it off to be flocked. All small bits going on at the moment. Hopefully we'll have the stack wide-band vs powercraft bracket made up during the week as well.

As for my Levin , I'm waiting on a vvt gear for my blactop and when that arrives I got some nice Toyota goodies to time it all back together


  1. How much you pay for the hydraulic tensioner?

  2. prices from our local Toyota:
    13568-19185 = timing belt, €79
    13540-16010 = tensioner, €53
    13505-16030 = idler, €67
    13556-16010 = shaft (bolt) for idler, €12

  3. Wow thats cheap. Since we can't get it here from our toyota it's like $200...

    I should really change mines out since I don't know the exact mileage.