Tuesday, April 13, 2010

** brake upgrade part 2 **

It was nice to get back to working on the car on Saturday, with the NCT looming we had a few things to do. Soon after we last worked on the brakes we discovered one caliper was binding, as the seal was in pretty bad shape due to a torn dust cover. Braking balance was affected as a result, which would be a test fail not to mention feeling crap on the road. One wheel lock up is no fun at all! There was also a slight leak of fluid so this had to be sorted asap. A caliper rebuild kit was ordered from Toyota, reasonable enough at around €47 for both calipers.

We removed and stripped down the calipers, and the even the "good" one was clearly showing signs of age too so the rebuild was going to be that little bit more rewarding.

Here is Kev power washing the calipers after giving them a good clean with strong degreaser.

The pistons were also cleaned down and sanded to give the new seals a fresh surface to work against. I thought a new pair would make an interesting set of shot glasses?!

Of course no rebuild of anything is complete without a lick of paint, so the stripped and cleaned parts were left to bake in the sun after a few coast of high temp black via rattle can. (No exciting colours for me please, they are only stock brake calipers lol). When I am next working on the back end I will give the brake drums a matching coat of paint just to keep things neat.

Once they were dry (and a couple of whopper Subways were consumed) the new piston seals, dust seals, and slider boots were put in and the calipers were rebuilt and installed. A quick bleed of the brakes later and I was out testing the finished set up.

The final result of fully rebuilt front back brakes, uprated pads, braided lines, and a master cylinder stopper is some really nice pedal feel with predictable powerful braking, especially when the pads are warmed up. I'm very happy with the whole set up now, though Kev will soon unveil some blingy new braking goodies that make me a bit jealous haha..

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