Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Comfort !!?!

One the first jobs I tackled on my Levin was the interior. When I got it first it had a bolt in cage, a cracked red dash top, no rear seats, mismatched front seats and was missing some interior plastics. This wasn't gonna cut it for my new daily slider!!

The first thing I picked up was a black GT-Apex grade interior minus the front seats.

After I had that all cleaned up and fitted, I decided to get a good dash top flocked, just to be different and to stop any glare on the screen on the off chance of a sunny day lol..

Next up was a pair of Recaros from a DC2 Integra Type R. I had been riding shotgun in my mates Integra alot and I got used to his seats, so I couldn't say no to these ones when I saw them up for sale. With thanks to my mate Roj, and
Ronan from ROCO, we made up some custom adjustable rails and in they went!!

After that I just fitted my TRD knob to the TRD short shifter, and fitted my brand new 350x80mm "deep cone" Nardi Torino wheel.

Roj andI also made up a back shelf to take a pair of decent speakers and covered it with black material.

The white SK engineering dials read up to 200km/h and came in the car from the motherland!!!

Other than a set of black floormats and a spin turn knob on the handbrake, thats about all the mods I've done so far on the inside!!!!!!!!!

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